Statistic Bench

The Statistic Bench is made from thirteen different species of wood grown in Latvia according to their prevalence.  A hollow cylinder, the bench resembles at first glance a large log that has been left in the forest. Some 54% of Latvia’s territory is covered with forests, it’s therefore unsurprising that Latvia’s largest export is wood. A closer inspection of the bench section reveals a pie chart-like visual of this natural resource. The Statistic Bench serves as seating and also as a visual tool to educate visitors about Latvia’s rich forests as well as the characteristic differences between indigenous varieties of Baltic wood.

⌀ 45 cm x 280 cm


  • Birch - 27.62%
  • Pine 26.52%
  • Spruce 18.48%
  • Grey Alder 10.17%
  • Aspen 8.26%
  • Black alder 5.94%
  • Goat Willow 1.04%
  • Oak 0.64%
  • Ash 0.52%
  • Maple 0.23%
  • Elm - 0.20%
  • Willow - 0.20%
  • Linden 0.18%

The Statistic Bench will be exhibited during London Design Biennale as part of the Latvian installation Matter to Matter by Arthur Analts.
4-23 September, 2018 , Somerset House, Strand, London, WC2R 1LA, United Kingdom