Rye Pavilion

VARIANT competition entry for Latvian Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015

Latvia is known for it’s rich and untouched landscapes. Their natural, untouched beauty, ranks Latvia among the ‘greenest’ countries in the world. Known for marvelous gifts that Mother Nature has given to country, Latvia is proud to celebrate them in a responsible manner, eg with the application of green agriculture methods dating back to the country’s ancestral traditions and brought right up to date with the latest innovations in farming technology. The architectural structure of the pavilion is inspired by rich Latvian landscapes inviting scenic fields and magnificent forests. Wholesome Latvian nature is home to one of the most important insects on the planet – bees. Bees are a critical link between the human world and nature surrounding us. Humans and nature have to work hand-in-hand, so our concept illustrates this in the visual vertical uplift of the pavilion, making a strong connection with innovation and development between – humans entering the natural environment. The theme of Nature and productive coexistence is a running theme throughout the pavilion. The Tunnel of the Senses activates natural elements – sound, wind, aroma and light – triggered by people passing through it. Latvians are proud for their coastline extending some 560km, surrounding much of the country with natural formations of sand, stones and rocks, mingling with the sea that laps at the country’s shores. The seashore is a sensual and relaxing paradise garden for residents and visitors alike. Nature with it’s diversity gives Latvians an unique opportunity to enjoy it’s gifts. The nation’s rich and tasty cuisine – strongly linked with native regions – is expressed in its substantial dark bread and sweet amber honey. Strong associations come from the experience of the senses and not by means of written text. The Latvian pavilion successfully represents our country through the senses: Latvia is naturally unique, with inviting traditions and the music of living beings .

Partners : Pico In-creative / The Triumph / OpenPlatform