Pineapple Award

History of the award:
Pineapple origins from Paraguay and the South region of Brazil, however its story in Latvian architecture began just fifteen years ago. It dates back to the day when the chairman of The Latvian Association of architects asked the curator of the ceremony, to purchase flowers, however she came back with tropical fruit, starting the new story of the award. First years of the ceremony real pineapples were presented, later on they were casted in bronze, however this year Variant Studio created a new Pineapple award.

Concept of the award:
Pineapple award is an object of high quality. Its concept and visual language is created so it represents the field of architecture. Award, just as architecture, is not only visually aesthetic, but also purely functional. Variant Studio wanted to answer the question – why do architects receive the prize? And as we believe – architects receive the prize because they have solved the task – they have taken the concept, the context, the material and the user and assembled it all together, the task is solved and in a way they have assembled the Rubik’s Cube. Therefore the construction of the award is inspired from Rubik’s Cube, which as an enigmatic mathematical game is a reference to the creation process of the architecture – assemble and solve the task from the variable elements.
Traditionally the Rubik’s Cube faces are in six various colours – yellow, green, blue… however we wanted to show this colour in one material, one shade, therefore we transformed these colours in three dimensional textures. These six tactile patterns are milled on the faces of the rotating cube and are inspired by architectural material symbols or hatches, therefore architect who is solving this cube is not joining colours, but dimensional patterns.
The victor of the first prize receives the pineapple award, that is anodised in golden finish, however the nominations receive the award in silver finish.
After the ceremony, the award should not be used as an element of decor – it should be used as a challenge to exercise the logical thinking while working on new projects.

Production of the award:
The award consists of 56 unique and custom made parts, that are assembled together forming a pineapple. Contemporary technologies and materials are used in the creation and production of the aluminium award. The award is created by five-axis CNC milling and finished by anodising to protect the award from oxidation and to add extra strength to awards surfaces.