Moscow Metro Station 2015

In the subway tunnels and its premises the underground trains and a constant passenger flow create a lot of noise and a strong echo. The conceptual idea of the architectural design for Novoperedelkino station in Moscow is to cover the walls and ceilings with acoustic and sound absorbing elements, therefore reducing the possibility of the sound waves to bounce off the walls and ceilings and creating echo. The three dimensional pyramid and prism panels would be created from lightweight and porous ceramic, that would be sound absorbing and fire safe. The finishing of the station would not only absorb noise, but it would be also used as an element for passenger navigation. The walls, floor and ceiling would form a pattern that would point the way to the platform, nearest exits and indicate from which side the train is approaching, therefore helping the passengers to navigate easier in the subway station. Walls and ceilings are created in neutral ‘ocher’ tone, but functionally significant elements that require attention are highlighted in more bright blue ‘indigo’.

The station requires low and simple maintenance, however the innovative solution for the platform wall cleaning is developed. The platform walls would be cleaned with a method used in car washing – during the nighttime cleaning the incorporated brushes would move along the wall, therefore cleaning them from the train grease.

The visual language of the entrance pavilions reflects the main purpose of the station – simple movement. The area between the pavilions is provided with multi-level green zones, pedestrian walkways, shrubs, flowerbeds and recreation zones. Just like the station itself, the green zone is designed so it absorbs noise from the nearby highway. The bushes are planted and trimmed, therefore absorbing a noise of 40 decibels from the passing vehicles.

Architectural design will provide the passengers comfort and safety.

The quietest metro station in the world? Possibly!