Masks – Usi Susi

Fashion brand USI-SUSI has commissioned VARIANT to create a collection of mythologically inspired head accessories. The ‘Mask’ collection consists of six head accessories, each with its own spirit, personality and story. The essence of the mythological creatures are captured in each mask through particularly developed pattern that is created from specifically selected Kvadrat Steelcut-Trio fabric. The personality of each mask is enclosed by turning flat material into consistent three dimensional shapes that have absolutely no offcuts. Each mask can be adjusted to any head size or even unrolled to a flat piece. Some of the ‘Mask’ accessories are more subtle, while other designs are much more glaring. Expressive lines, vivid colours and raw stitches are combined into the charismatic whirlwind. ‘You can be anything, you are anything. There are no boundaries. You have beauty, wildness, playfulness, wisdom, a scientist, a goblin, a writer, a designer, a secretary, a child, a TV star, a grandma, anything, inside you. It has all been put inside you, you just need the right words and actions to access it. Don’t frighten your inner force; coax it out, step by step. Try it out, what and when you want to be. Be. Anything’
Six head accessories are designed for each day of the week, with the ability to be yourself on the last day of the week. Head accessories give power, mood and the freedom to be whatever you like to be…


Day 1 / HORSE
In Latvian mythology, the horse represents the deity called Ūsiņš. The protector of horses, he represents light and spring. Ūsiņš is the bringer of green grass and leaves to the trees. To the wearer, the horse mask brings success and a creative spirit. Donning the horse mask, the wearer has a positive view on life, endurance and sets a confident course towards achieving one’s goal.

Day 2 / FROG
In mythology the frog symbolizes the deity Māra – the earth mother, who is responsible for the human body and the material side of life. To the wearer, this mask bestows health and keeps one in good physical form

Day 3 / DRAGON
A supernatural being associated with the devil, a gatherer of riches and a protector. The dragon mask offers its wearer material prosperity and the ability to protect the riches acquired in one’s lifetime. Protect yourself, Be scared. Be captivated!

Day 4 / DEVIL
The devil – the symbol of feral nature and material values. The opposite of God, but without the evil. The devil creates the world together with God – unity and prosperity. The mask gives its wearer the power to create enduring values, as well as the skill to evaluate material benefits.

Day 5 / BIRD
A chicken in mythology is associated with the deity Laima. There is an ancient belief that everyone has their own Laima. She sets your destiny, and gives the wearer of the bird mask beauty and wisdom.

Day 6 / WOLF
In mythology, its God’s dog. The Latvians have also given the name of the wolf to a star. As the saying goes – if a wolf runs across the road – it’s a sign of good luck. Truly, the mask brings its wearer success. Perhaps at night, the wearer of the mask turns into a beast with magical powers.