Led Zeppelin

Named after one of Led Zeppelin’s most recognized tracks ‘Stairway to Heaven’ the ‘Led Zeppelin’ ladder is a practical solution that increases the functionality of our everyday ladder.
Room corners are often a no go zone for ladders as they stand unstable. However, ‘Led Zeppelin’ ladders can be conveniently placed in 3 different positions increasing usability within a given space. The ladders can be leaned straight against the wall or at a 45-degree or 25-degree angle against a corner, therefore adding extra safety and stability.
Special cuts at the end of the ladder steps are made to hang tools, buckets or other implements so it solves the ceaseless up and down climbing for tools. Rubber pads at the both ends of the ladders add extra insurance against slippage, and when ‘Led Zeppelin‘ ladder is not in use it doesn’t not need to be stored away as it makes great use as a practical hanger in any interior.
‘Led Zeppelin’ is specially designed to ensure a swift manufacture time, little material use and virtually no material waste. An 8mm aluminium sheet is specially cut, assembled and further welded for extra safety leaving it light, strong and sculptural in look.
Limited edition ‘Led Zeppelin‘ ladders are made to order and finished in any colour to match an interior.